From 2018, the Elmire Quartet integrates residencies of several festivals. Beyond the discovery of other regions, another audience, they allow the quartet to widen the halo that surrounds it.

In 2018, the four young men become residents at the European Center of Chamber Music ProQuartet, as well as residents for three years at the Festival des Arcs in Savoie, under the artistic direction of Eric Crambes. They also are part of "Le Dimore Del Quartetto" in Italy, as well as the artists' residency of Musique à Flaine's Festival.

They are supported by the Singer-Polignac foundation where they reside in Paris.

For the season 2021/22, they start a residency with La Belle Saison which will be achieved by the recording of an album.

Concerts are then a major part of the Elmire Quartet's activity, performing a repertoire of the string quartet that fascinates him, through Bartok and Beethoven, but also many others.

But the four artists do not forget the importance of connecting with other ones to share more and open up new possibilities through complementary points of view. Curious to explore other visions and repertoires, the Elmire Quartet performed with artists such as Julien Gernay, Victor Julien-Laferrière, Victor Metral, Adrien Boisseau, Pierre Fouchenneret, Claire Désert, Philippe Graffin and Sindy Mohamed.

Their passion for music and their desire to share encourage them to create the Festiv’Elmire at the end of 2020 in the beautyfull concert hall of the Salle Cortot in Paris.
This first edition created during the lockdown due to the Covid-19 gathered amont the most brilliant musicians of their generation such as Pierre Fouchenneret, Victor Julien-Laferrière, Liya Petrova, Alexandre Kantorow, Aurélien Pascal, Adrien Boisseau, Julien Gernay and Alexandre Pascal in a program from the solo piano to the octet.