Driven by teachers who inspire them, the Elmire quartet evolves within the Conservatoire Supérieur National de Musique de Paris, where he has benefited from the teaching while studying in the Master in chamber music, since 2018.

But the story started from the premisses of the quartet with, Philippe Bernhard, previous first violin of the Modigliani Quartet. He has a capital importance in its development. He was the first to encourage the four musicians, who therefore adopted a positive dynamic. Then, Luc-Marie Aguera of the Ysaye Quartet helped them to acquire a lasting working method, alongside others, such as François Salque and Rainer Schmidt at the Hochschule für Muzik in Basel.

The four musicians are transcended by the positive emulation that emanates from this learning places, in which they evolve, and soon widen their horizons.


The Elmire Quartet participates in many Masterclasses. They are for the four young men a chance to work with great artists, as well as the contribution of new viewpoint complementary to their teachers' one.

These meetings include the Modigliani Quartet, the Ébène Quartet, the Cuarteto Casals, Donald Weilerstein of the Cleveland Quartet, Heime Müller of the Artemis Quartet, Günther Pichler of the Alban Berg Quartet , Rainer Schmidt of the Hagen Quartet, Philippe Graffin, Pierre Fouchenneret, Jérôme Pernoo, Xavier Gagnepain, Alain Meunier, Toby Hoffman, Amy Norrington, as well as Gilles Millet and Yovan Markovitch from the Danel Quartet.

The Elmire Quartet is also selected in 2018, then again in 2019, to be part of the Festival d'arts lyrique d'Aix-en-Provence's Academy in order to improve with Andràs Keller of the Keller Quartet, by David Alberman of the Adritti Quartet and Tabea Zimmermann.